Animal Science In Jamaica - Scarlet Macaw with Camper - Animal Camp Jamaica
A summer program for teens on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica.
Scuba Diving In Jamaica - Animal Camp Jamaica
Explore the depths of the Caribbean with morning snorkeling or get SCUBA certified!
Group Of Campers - Tubing at Rio Bueno in Jamaica - Animal Camp Jamaica
Each afternoon is filled with a different excursion allowing you to see all parts of the island.
Group Of Campers - Jamaican Sunset - Animal Camp Jamaica
A wonderful trip with wonderful people. This experience creates and bonds lifelong friendships.


Come with us and explore the beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Less than 500 miles south of the Florida coast, sits the tropical island of Jamaica and a perfect location to learn about marine biology, climb waterfalls, explore tropical jungles, swim through bioluminescent water and experience a people, culture, language and cuisine unique to this island.

Camper With Nurse Sharks in Dolphin Cove - Animal Camp Jamaica
Home Page Testimonial Image - Campers At Island Gully Falls

Why do we love Animal Camp Jamaica?

There were so many things I loved at ACJ. Every day was just so much fun there. I remember how stunning it was to swim in the luminous lagoon. That night was so magical and truly didn’t feel real. It will forever be one of my favorite nights of my life. Of course, I absolutely ADORED swimming with the dolphins, too. I also have very fond memories of horseback riding in the mountains and riding them into the ocean. Everything was just so much fun and I miss it. I also miss the swing that I always sat in during any of my downtime. Also, I definitely can say I love ACJ for everything it is. All of the amazing places we saw, all of the amazing things I got to do. I still tell people the stories of the time I learned how to scuba dive, and the awesome things I saw.


Camper 2015

I loved ACJ so much because it was really my first experience out of the country. I loved that I got to meet so many new people in the process! I’m a particularly picky eater and being there really helped me try some new foods, some I liked ...and others not so much! Also, since it was such a small group it really started to feel like our own little family. I loved spending time with the kids at the Bus Stop Mission and that in itself made me so happy! Overall, ACJ was such a good experience that I wish I could do again!

Lindsey P.

Camper 2018

Some of my favorite memories of Jamaica were the times when we'd go to that private beach and just relax, have fun, and enjoy each others company. I met some really amazing people on that trip, some who I still keep in touch with years later. Also, one of the most surreal experiences of my life was the bioluminescent bay that we went to. There is literally nothing else that compares to how amazing that was.

Josh S.

Camper 2016

I absolutely loved ACJ! I really enjoyed snorkeling in the reefs everyday. My favorite trip was going to the luminous lagoon. I wish I could go again!

Marissa B.

Camper 2017

Some of my favorite things while working at ACJ were the amazing staff that make you feel like you have family taking care of you and are always helpful and cheerful. There were a wide variety of activities to take part, which was never boring. Getting up and seeing the sunrise on the beach before our morning snorkeling was beautiful. The opportunity of being a counselor for me was exciting to see the campers figure out their own social dynamic every session and then see how much it would grow and change by the end of the session. Seeing them learn and experience things for the first time and to see their personal growth in so short a time was very rewarding. Some overcame fear or uncertainties in outings and activities, others learned social skills, and everyone learned about Jamaican culture and aquatic reef life.

Kaleb K

Staff 2014 & 2015