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Animal Camp Jamaica’s Awesome BRAND NEW Website

Hello, Martin Holloway here 👋🏾, for those of you that don’t know me, I’m a third year staff member with Cub Creek Science Camp. I worked as the lead designer and helped to redesign CCSC’s website! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out at!

For those that are just finding out about this website, or what Animal Camp Jamaica even is, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine waking up and walking outside to see a beautiful beach sunrise. After you eat a buffet of fresh Jamaican fruit along with a hot breakfast, you’ll head to the beach for a morning snorkel to explore the native marine life. Following your snorkel, you’ll head on an excursion and venture into the heartland of Jamaica, experiencing natural wonders with a beautiful culture and people. This is only a short description of what Animal Camp Jamaica has to offer, if that short blurb has you interested, should definitely give the rest of this website a read!

Now diving back into the redesign of the website, with Cub Creek Science Camp’s website now complete, it was only logical to tackle our sister camp, Animal Camp Jamaica’s website! Going about the design of this website, I had a little over a week to complete this project 😶. For any project, deadlines & timelines are the achilles heel to creative work. Luckily, I had a lot of the groundwork laid out with Cub Creek’s website.

Similar objectives were laid out in the redesign of ACJ’s website including: creating an engaging, secure, modern website; that is user friendly and can easily show services provided by Animal Camp Jamaica. Secondly, to design a website that helps to strengthen the brand identity of Animal Camp Jamaica.

It makes sense that our sister camp’s website has a similar layout to have a cohesive feel and look. You’ll notice differences in the color palette, and some different iconography. With this color palette, I wanted to incorporate some of the more natural tropical colors to be found in Jamaica. Various greens such as forest and lime green, are contrasted by a bright orchid color, giving a curious and inviting island feel.

A new logo design was implemented with this website redesign. I drew inspiration from Ari Farley’s (Animal Camp Jamaica Program Director) various t-shirt designs along with her intimate knowledge of the island and culture. This new logo is a combination of a symbol / wordmark / and lettermark logo. We wanted something versatile that could transition well across multiple mediums, both print and web, in various shapes and orientations.

If you look at the logo closely, you’ll see a hummingbird consuming from a flower. Red-Billed Streamertail (also known as Swallowtail) hummingbirds are the national bird of Jamaica, which is being depicted in the logo. Our Swallowtail is consuming from a hibiscus flower, a common flower that is seen in abundance on the island of Jamaica. To contrast this playful illustration, a pairing of a bold sans serif font was used, Alfarn (typeface name), which can be viewed on Adobe Typekit.

As you look through the new website, I hope that your expectations are met with jubilant interactions. There was a lot of time, thought, and energy put into the layout of the website to make it interactive, fun and unique! Information architecture (site navigation and page placement) was completely restructured to help make the most logical sense of page placement.

While being the lead web designer for this project, input from Cub Creek’s Creative Director and Animal Camp Jamaica Program Director, helped make this website come to life. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into this website, we hope that you enjoy it and take some time to get used to it! If you have any questions feel free to contact our office at or 573-458-2125.

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Martin Holloway is a graphic & web designer currently residing in Rolla, MO at CCSC. He has a loving dog, named Chance. In his spare time, he loves to work on personal design projects, spend time in nature, and hang out with friends. To keep up with more of his work, follow his insta @martsart_14

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