Coming NEW in 2019!

Every year, Animal Camp Jamaica experiences small changes in the program. Last year, we added new evening activities at the villa, like dancing and learning the island's native language of Patois. We love adding new aspects to the Program each year to keep things different, this year you can expect some fresh, new, BIG changes!

Two New Beaches!

While we're in Jamaica, we make frequent trips to the beach. Our private beach and club beach are where we snorkel each morning spending time relaxing and enjoying nature. This year, we've scoped out two new beach locations that show more eco-diversity and plus ...everyone loves beaches, right?! One of the new beaches is called Rock Beach, located just outside of Ocho Rios. It's unlike any other beach we've seen before in Jamaica! There are incredibly colorful rocks, gorgeous houses on the hills, and beautiful crashing blue waves; it really is a sight to see!

Martin Holloway Bio Pic

Ari Farley is Animal Camp Jamaica's Program Director and Creative Director. She loves the island of Jamaica and enjoys sharing it with those who join us for the trip. This summer will be her fourth year with ACJ!

ACJ Clothing Options!

For the first time ever, we've allowed ACJ campers to have this year's shirt design available in options like sweatshirts, long sleeves, and hoodies! You may be thinking, "Why would one want a HOODIE in Jamaica?!" Well.. let me tell you, as camp's resident cold lady, there are times when it's chilly! We're lucky to have air-conditioning in the vans and in the villa and I'm very thankful for that! When we're driving to the villa after a water excursion or hanging out after dinner, it's nice to have warm comfy options just in case :). We require all campers to wear their camp shirt when we travel to and from the island, having something warm to wear in the airport is NICE.

Don't wait to snag your special apparel options! Our Pop-Up shop closes May 12th! Check it out here!

More time at the Blue Hole!

The Blue Hole is a beautiful swimming hole, with gorgeous waterfalls, surley one of the most memorable parts on the island. This year, we'll be using a new entrance to experience more of the beautiful blue waters and falls. Starting at the lowest part of the natural park, we'll swimm around shallow waters, and exploring in inner tubes. We'll then travel along a lush, green trail to explore other destinations, stopping along the way to take in the sights and jump in the water! It's the same Blue Hole we know and love with more to see and do!

Change is GOOD!

We're so excited to bring new aspects to the Program this year! We've incorporated more time for cultural appreciation and diversified learning. We can't wait for 2019! Are you joining us for Animal Camp Jamaica this year? If so, drop a comment below and tell us what you're MOST excited for!

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