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Why Animal Camp Jamaica is good for your child

As you are deciding whether Animal Camp Jamaica is right or preparing for your trip, we have organized materials here for both campers and parents. In this Family Resources section, it is our goal to make Parents and Campers of ACJ feel ready for this trip! This information is more logistical and answers questions beyond just activities and programming.

Because we love kids, nature, science and animals, even more than our campers. We strive to help each camper grow their love for the environment and each other, with every camp activity. We work, so that our campers learn to recognize their talents and the value of their time and choices in making this world a better, more loving place for everyone.

When choosing a camp, it is important that you consider the interests of your child, the reputation of the camp, the condition of the facility and the quality of the staff and programs. We believe that we exceed expectations in all of these area. We offer a HUGE variety of camp activities and a top notch facility that is both modern in it amenities and rustic in its feel. Our reputation is that of being the best Animal Camp in the country, bar none. Our staff are smart, talented, inspirational and motivated college students to want to work at Animal Camp Jamaica, and we have been told by our campers parents that they are outstanding role models and mentors for their children.

So please take some time to get to know us. Browse our website and page through our Parent Handbook, as these answers many of the often asked questions and gives you a glimpse of a summer at Animal Camp Jamaica. If at any time you need further clarification, or just a reassuring voice, please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to sharing a fun-filled summer with you soon!

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