Camper Correspondence

Camper Correspondence is an important aspect of safety in this program. We have thorough communication plans outlined in our parent handbook, as well you can read more about them on our Safety in Jamaica page. We have our ACJ counselors always equipped with cell phones so that they can stay in touch with our team in America. In addition to counselors using cell phones, your camper will also be able to keep their phone while abroad. Make sure to look into international phone plans before you send your child to camp! We want campers to experience the magical moments of Jamaica, and they can stay connected with you 24/7 to ease any apprehension, this means photos, texts, and phone calls.

Camper Correspondence - Staff Posting Photos To Private Facebook Group - Animal Camp Jamaica
Camper Correspondence - Camper Using Cell Phone Abroad - Animal Camp Jamaica

Our Program Director is in constant communication with the Animal Camp Jamaica Counselors. Making sure to coordinate daily, so that all plans go according to. If you have any immediate emergency issues, our camp’s director and assistant director can also be a point of contact. We also offer resources for campers to stay connected with families at the Seven Palms Villa. The villa offers wifi, a landline american based phone, and a computer that campers are allowed to use.

Facebook is another primary method of communication between families of campers and our Animal Camp Jamaica team. We are posting to a private facebook group daily. Making sure to keep you updated on the days activities, with an in depth report and photos! Upon the start of your campers session, you will receive the link to this private group.