Safety In Jamaica

Sending your child on the adventure of a lifetime can be cause for both excitement and concern. Our campers’ security is our number one priority. We are always mindful of our role and the trust you place in us.

While we know that to travel and be active inherently involves risk that cannot be eliminated, we have a well-developed process, designed to reduce and manage risk to make our program as safe as possible. Built on 25 years of experience in providing teens with amazing summer experiences, we are proud of our excellent safety record. We share the following safety information and if you have any specific questions or concerns, our Program Director would be happy to speak with you.

In-depth Planning and Site Preparation

We have a well-planned out and detailed itinerary. Every location and activity meets our high standards. The owners have personally vetted each activity, traveled every road, hired every Jamaican staff and taken their own teen daughters to each location and event. We think this preparation will be evident to the travelers. Each session of Jamaica has a prior year’s Animal Camp Jamaica counselor with them. This furthers our preparation efforts by always having a staff member who is “in the know” of each activity and location.

Outstanding Staff and Thorough Training

Our staff complete a minimum one-week orientation and 20 hours of online learning. Written manuals and policies and procedures are reviewed, and additional role-playing exercises reinforce our safety protocols. Like mentioned above, each year, we keep on a returning Animal Camp Jamaica staff. And in the event that is not feasible, our Program Director, Ari goes herself! There is always a knowledgeable and confident ambassador with your campers. All staff are lifeguard certified, have had complete background checks, have prior experience working for Cub Creek Science Camp and have completed in-depth staff training prior to the start of the program. ACJ staff are always some of the best staff from a previous summer at Cub Creek Science Camp.

Health Care

Our Program Director reviews each student’s health history prior to the group traveling to the island. All pertinent medical information is shared with their counselors to help them best aid and take care of their campers. We hold medication for those that request it in writing of us. We provide additional training for anaphylactic allergies.

Safety In Jamaica - River Rafting with Instructor - Animal Camp Jamaica
Safety In Jamaica - Horse Back Riding Instructor - Animal Camp Jamaica
Safety In Jamaica - Group Of Campers Dunns Falls - Animal Camp Jamaica

Camper Correspondence Abroad

Our communication center acts as a constant link between the program and parents. Our Program Director is in constant communication with the Counselors of Animal Camp Jamaica. Whatever the need she is available and accessible to all the counselors and campers if needed. We post a daily report to our Facebook page and use Facebook as a means of keeping parents up to date with any schedule changes or fun news from the day. Communication plans are in place in the event of an incident or emergency. Parents can also stay in touch with their teens who are permitted to bring their cell phones.

Ocean Safety

We take safety in the water very seriously. Campers swimming ability is evaluated on the first day of the program and any camper who is not completely comfortable in the water and classified as a strong swimmer will be required to wear a life jacket when snorkeling. All program staff are lifeguard certified. Any time campers are in the ocean or the swimming pool a lifeguard is present. On our morning snorkels a lifeguard is in the water with them and life saving equipment is available at all times.