Animals In Jamaica

Well there have to be animals at Animal Camp Jamaica! We want to encourage campers to pay attention to what’s and who’s around them. The natural fauna of Jamaica is less obvious than in the United States, you really have to have a keen eye to see these exotic animals in the wild. In addition, we make sure to enhance the animal exposure for Animal Camp Jamaica. We do this by visiting botanical gardens and natural water coves; visiting exotic birds, reptiles, sting rays, nurse sharks, dolphins, and so much more!

Animals In Jamaica - Camper With Nurse Shark Dolphin Cove - Animal Camp Jamaica

Marine wildlife abundance in Jamaica

Every morning, we go snorkeling, campers get close encounters with diverse Caribbean sea life. We usually see, sergeant major, red squirrel, trumpet and wrasse fish, just to name a few! While we see these fish more regularly, we encourage campers to be adventurous and explore the ocean reefs for more obscure animals! Together we’ve looked hard and discovered, octopus, lobsters, crabs, and starfish within small crevices of pocket coral! We spend time carefully observing these animals, making sure to be respectful of the natural habitat. Camper’s that have chosen to become Scuba certified, have spotted eels and sea turtles while swimming across sea floor! At Cardiff Hall beach, we’re able to see even more marine wildlife! Over the years, we’ve sighted sting rays and nurse sharks! We want campers to have the knowledge to identify these different animals by sight!

Jamaica is an island of birds!

There are over 120 species of birds that nest here and call Jamaica their home. This includes the Yellow Billed Parrot and Doctor Bird, both found nowhere else, naturally on earth. The doctor bird also known as the Red Billed Streamer Tail, is the national bird of Jamaica. While we’re out on excursions, we try to spot these two birds in the wild. At Konoko Falls and Park, we tour their aviary and reptile houses. Campers get the chance to hand feed a flock of budgerigar, and hold a native green iguana! Dolphin Cove offers more chances to see birds, reptiles and mammals. Campers get to hold Scarlet, Green Wing, and Blue & Gold Macaws, African Grey Parrots, Iguanas, and Snakes! Love Birds, ‘love’ to sit on your head and eat pellets from your hands. The most iconic mammal of Dolphin Cove has to be, you guessed it, the dolphins! If your camper chooses to partake in the seakeeper program, they will get hands on experience working with dolphins.

Animals In Jamaica - Camper Holding Blue And Gold Macaw And Iguana - Animal Camp Jamaica
Animals In Jamaica - Campers Interacting Native Iguana - Animal Camp Jamaica
Animals In Jamaica- African Grey Parrot And Scarlet Macaw - Animal Camp Jamaica