Afternoon Excursions

Looking for Adventure? You’ve come to the right place!

Our afternoons are each unique in their location, taking campers along the northern coast of Jamaica to the most incredible locations. Each session the following excursions are taken by all our campers!

Afternoon Excursion - Dunns River Falls teamwork - Animal Camp Jamaica

Dunns River Falls

Our first excursion on the Trip is at Dunns River Falls! This location is known across the world and it one of Jamaica’s most popular travel destinations. It’s incredible rock formations allow its visitors to climb to the top of the Falls; Stopping every so often to dive into deep pools and use smooth rocks as water slides.

Brown's Town Produce Market

We take a trip to the town of Brown's Town to visit an authentic Jamaica Produce Market and have a traditional Jamaican lunch. The ride to Brownstown alone is an adventure! Up in the mountains of Jamaica, this market is nestled in a the bustling center of the town. Campers travel with their counselors to eat a lunch at Juici Patties, a Jamaican fast food restaurant. We then head across the street to the market and purchase produce for the villa, while selecting fruits and vegetables to taste. Jackfruit, breadfruit, and soupsap are strange to look at, but fun to try!

Afternoon Excursion Campers at Brown's Town Public Market - Animal Camp Jamaica
Afternoon Excursion - Campers at Craft Market - Animal Camp Jamaica

Craft Market

After traveling to the mountains the previous day, campers will visit the bustling coastal Jamaican city, Ocho Rios. Ocho Rios is a port for cruise ships and is a popular travel destination for tourists. This make Ocho Rios a more “westernized” city with large super markets and familiar food places. We will go to the Ocho Rios Craft Market, to see Jamaican craftsmanship and do a little shopping. Campers are encouraged to be brave enough to bargain and haggle! We’ll see hand carving, painting, handmade jewelry on this afternoon adventure.

Blue Hole

Now THIS is Jamaica! The Blue Hole in Jamaica is a sight to see! The name doesn’t do it justice and nor do the pictures! At this excursion, campers get ready to jump and dive into the most beautiful blue waters. We’re guided by a Jamaican tour guide and lifeguard to each jumping point and rope swing. Campers jump one by one into the pools and swim around the sparkling pools. While Dunn’s is all about climbing, the Blue Hole is all about jumping! This is a memory that our past campers mention as one of their favorites.

Afternoon Excursion - Campers Jumping in Blue Hole - Animal Camp Jamaica
Afternoon Excursion - Luminous Lagoon - Animal Camp Jamaica

Luminous Lagoon

This is an activity that campers frequently recall, of all the things we do in Jamaica. On Saturday evening, we take a boat ride on the Luminous Lagoon near Discovery Bay. As the sun sets, you can start to see the waves glow as we ride to the center of the Lagoon. Campers jump in and swim around, watching a bright blue glow behind them! As you rise your hands out of the water your hands sparkle with tiny flecks of blue light! What makes the water glow? Tiny bioluminescent dinoflagellates live in this lagoon. They’re bioluminescent properties are activated with motion!

Dolphin Cove

This excursion allows campers to get up close and personal with dolphins, sting rays, and nurse sharks! It is an absolutley amazing experience to be propelled in the air by a bottlenose dolphin. Or go swimming with one of the biggest sting rays you have ever seen! You will also have the opportunity to swim, hold, feed and learn about the evolutionary secrets of Carribean sharks. Capture your dream of being a dolphin trainer by taking the "Sea Keeper" challenge for the day.

Afternoon Excursion Campers swimming with Dolphins - Dolphin Cove - Animal Camp Jamaica
Afternoon Excursion - Campers River Rafting At Trelawny - Animal Camp Jamaica

River Tubing

Bring an inner tube (provided in tuition cost) and jump into the cool blue waters of the Rio Bueno River! Your adventure will begin at a water fall and you will spend the day floating down the river to end in the ocean, at Discovery Bay. This excursion let's you get an upclose look of lush tropical jungle while you take in the sounds and sites of this tropical paradise. Fun fact, Discovery Bay is the place that most people believe was the landing place of Christopher Columbus when he discovered Jamaica!

Konoko Falls and Park

What makes Konoko Falls so special aside from their cool, waterfalls to explore, is that they also have a nature park. When we go on this excursion, we spend the day learning about native birds to the island as well as getting hands on and feeding them! They also have an educational museum to take a tour of where campers can learn about the culture of Jamaican people.

Afternoon Excursion - Konoko Falls And Park - Campers feed exotic birds - Animal Camp Jamaica