Morning Snorkel

Each morning in Jamaica is spent marveling the Caribbean! Campers who come to Jamaica usually have an interest in Marine Biology. It is our goal by the end of the trip that everyone is passionate about Marine wildlife and conserving it!

Our mornings are always spent at the beach. We have two beaches that we frequent during our 13 day adventure. One beach is our private property and has a calm snorkeling experience and gentle waves. It is there that campers get up close to pocket reefs by snorkeling just inches above fish and coral! We love this spot because it's great for beginners and experienced snorkelers. Our other snorkel location is at our beach club. This spot has reefs further from the shore and has some amazing sights!

Morning Snorkel - Campers Snorkeling Runaway Bay - Animal Camp Jamaica
Morning Snorkel - Seven Palms Villa Private Beach - Animal Camp Jamaica

Marine biology is in abundance on the island

Our oceans are home to the greatest diversity of plants and animals on earth. There's no better way to learn about the ocean than by jumping in! At our beach club, just a few miles away it’s hard to believe that you’ll see a completely different scene. At Cardiff Hall Beach, campers are snorkeling in the deeper waters. This allows them to see larger creatures like Nurse Sharks and Stingray! We’ve even witnessed Sea Turtles here!

If you prefer a more relaxed morning, we also like to change it up! You can fill your mornings by kayaking, wave jumping, exploring the beach for turtle tracks, building sand castles, or relaxing under the shade of the trees.

Lastly, our goal is to maintain the integrity of our beaches. Seeing debris that gets washed up on the beaches in the Caribbean islands is a teaching and learning opportunity for our campers. While we are here, we want to help and make an impact! We walk the beaches and pick up trash and do our best to keep it from making its way back to the sea, helping to preserve the beaches for years to come for future visitors and campers.

Morning Snorkel _Campers Snorkeling Runaway Bay - Animal Camp Jamaica