Community Service

ACJ campers will participate in a variety rewarding and meaningful service projects while on the island, including: area beach clean-up, and hosting a marine conservation and beach party for local youth.

Community Service - Female Camper With Jamaican Boy - Animal Camp Jamaica

Community service for a lifetime of impact

ACJ staff will award service hours* to participants based on a joint participant/staff assessment of the participant’s performance at the end of each service program. Staff will have the final say as to the number of hours awarded to each participant. Participants who work hard, maintain a positive attitude and participate in all of the group activities are likely to be awarded the full number of service hours available for their program.

Campers can expect to receive 8-10 service hours during this 12-day program. Upon written request, a certificate of completion will be awarded (and mailed) to the teen at the end of the season. Participants who require special forms from their school are responsible for bringing those forms on their trip and having them signed by our Animal Camp Jamaica staff.

Bus Stop Mission & Beach Clean Up

The Community Beach party was planned with care and with the intent to get campers an experience working with the community. The beach party will be held at the Bus Stop Mission, on Salem Beach, where we will help serve lunch and treats for those who come. We want campers to learn and understand how people can work and earn vouchers for goods inside the Mission. We want campers to leave the party with an understanding of the Jamaican culture as it relates to the youth of the community. Our goal is to get them talking about school-life, what they do for fun, favorite foods, favorite hobbies, etc. During the beach cleanup, campers take the Jamaican children and any interested participants into the water and walk along the shore to pick up trash, bottles, etc. We learn about the principles of conservation, ecology, and sustainability.

Community Service - Camper At Bus Stop Mission - Animal Camp Jamaica