Leadership Opportunities

Animal Camp Jamaica is a teen travel and adventure program that asks it’s participants to show leadership in various ways. All Animal Camp Jamaica campers are expected to be responsible, kind, good listeners, and team players, which shows inherent leadership qualities. Being a camper in this kind of position abroad requires you to above all else, REMAIN POSITIVE.

What makes a good leader?

A good leader is able to remain positive and responsible, especially while traveling abroad. Being able to keep track of your personal belongings, like passports, answering questions respectfully to airport security staff and border customs, or simply listening to counselor directions while in the airport are key leadership qualities.

Traveling abroad gives campers the chance to mature personally and socially. During each session of Animal Camp Jamaica we work closely with the community doing volunteer work, helping with the bus stop mission, and conducting beach clean ups. Giving back to the community through volunteering in a kind and respectful manner also displays leadership qualities.

Leadership ASIT Recommendations

Campers who can show the leadership qualities we mentioned, can show it the most in Jamaica. Our Jamaica campers are a select group, that grow to be very close with one another, giving them an opportunity to display these skills first hand to their peers and counselors. Cub Creek campers that are hoping to get into the Cub Creek ASIT Program can gain a recommendation from their Animal Camp Jamaica counselors.

Additionally Animal Camp Jamaica allows our 17 and 18 year old campers a chance to display leadership qualities, that would transition well into a counselor position, or any future job. With this camps program ranging in age from 13 - 18, older campers can show patience, kindness and problem solving skills, helping to make the group experience better for everyone. Younger campers definitely look to the older campers for guidance. Being a responsible role model can make a bigger impact than you may have imagined.

Leadership Opportunities - Campers Helping One Another - Animal Camp Jamaica