Getting to know the island

Jamaica is arguably the most recognizable country of its size in the world. Musically, there is no equal. From the legendary stylings of Bob Marley to the modern dancehall and reggae scenes, Jamaicans have always provided the world with great music. In athletics, the fastest human being in history hails from Trelawny parish, and Jamaicans finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 200m sprint at the 2012 Olympics. Jamaica is also one of the best cricket nations in the world and has one of the best players to date (Chris Gayle). In film, Cool Runnings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Shottas are just a few of the many to feature Jamaica as the setting. You can also find the food of the island worldwide, along with the quintessential ONE LOVE vibe. Not bad for a country of only 3 million people.

Getting To Know The Island - Native Coconut - Animal Camp Jamaica
Getting To Know The Island - Jamaican Dancers - Animal Camp Jamaica

The fairest isle mine eyes ever beheld.” - Christopher Columbus

These were the words attributed to Christopher Columbus upon landing on Jamaica's shores in 1494. Over 500 years later there are many people that would still agree with the controversial explorer. Jamaica's natural beauty and rich history have combined to create an unforgettable island. Perfect beaches, lush green mountain sides, beautiful waterfalls, and amazing people provide an amazing place to visit and explore.

Island Overview

Jamaica is an english speaking caribbean island country the sits about 500 miles south of Florida. The north side of the island is lush and green with lots of water falls, beautiful beaches and amazing offshore reefs. The people are friendly and welcome tourist. The island offers many unique attractions, great food, clean drinking water and the perfect 80 degree temperatures year round.


One of our favorite things about Jamaica is the wide variety of unique and delicious fruits. Fruits, just like the people of Jamaica, have come from all over the world and have found the climate ideal for growing. One example is the dozens of different kinds of bananas, many of which grow on the estate of Seven Palms Villa. Our favorite types are the small “apple bananas” and the giant, red/black skinned “Black Todd bananas.” For a truly authentic Jamaican experience, when you go on the Brown’s Town produce market excursion, have fun sampling and buying a variety of fresh fruits and vegetable for the cook to prepare!


Jamaica uses Jamaican dollars as its currency. But most places readily accept US dollars. As of January 2019 one US dollar is equal to about $125 JA dollars. Because of the cost to import the majority of items sold on the island, you can expect to pay almost double or more of what you pay in the US for similar items.


Jamaica has ideal weather. Jamaica does not have seasons like we see in the United States. It has a rainy season and a dry season. The summer months are the dry season and the winter months are the rainy season. During the rainy season, rain is common, but it usually happens at night and during the day it doesn’t last for long. The usual weather is sunny and mid 80’s.

Getting To Know The Island - Camper Eating Palm - Animal Camp Jamaica


There are very few occasions to wear anything but lightweight summer attire. A light jacket or pants can be worn after the sun goes down, but most don’t find those necessary. We will spend our whole trip in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops (or bathing suits with skin suits over the top). We do ask that campers show modesty in their clothing choices, and not bring string bikinis, overly short shorts, or revealing clothing.