What To Expect

Traveling to a foreign country can be one of the most amazing, developing experiences for a young adult. For those that have never traveled abroad, there can be some apprehension as to what to expect. We hope that this page helps to answer some questions you may have about our teen travel program, you can also check our FAQ page for more information or give us a call at 573-458-2125.

What To Expect - Staff Taking Campers Photo - Animal Camp Jamaica
What To Expect - Camper Socializing With Native Jamaican - Animal Camp Jamaica

Program expectations

We have high expectations of campers that are in this teen travel program. Leaving the country to participate in a camp of kids and staff you may have never met requires a great amount of maturity and respect. We have specifically outlined our expectations in our Code Of Conduct page. In addition, we expect you to have fun and be engaged with your fellow peers and staff. This kind of camp is the ultimate immersion experience, you will be exposed to new ideas, foods, experiences, and overall culture. Being put in that kind of situation can be overwhelming, but you must remember to RESPECT THE CULTURE. As the saying goes, if you are positive, you will have a positive experience. To converse that, if you are negative, you will have a negative disposition to all the amazing things happening around you. Trying new things can be scary, but that shouldn’t deter you from being adventurous and trying again. Parents want to see their kids having fun, and we will be taking PLENTY of photos and videos. We want to illustrate the memories you will make this summer through photos and videos; even when you’re not enthusiastic about what we may be doing, keeping a positive attitude can really make a difference.

Realities of Jamaica

This information is strictly to give you the reality of what you will be immersed in. You will be leaving America to a developing nation that is much different than what you are used to, which may be out of your comfort zone. Temperatures during the summer can range in the upper 80’s with high humidity. At times you may feel hot and be sweaty. Applying sunblock before prolonged exposure in the sun, can prevent travelers from uncomfortable sunburn. Being on this open island, there are many insects you will come into contact with daily. Using bug spray can help to deter them from becoming pests. Remember...stay positive 🙂

To contrast, you will also be exposed to delicious cuisine that you can only try in Jamaica! Don’t be a soursop, instead give soursop a taste! I promise the exported bananas you eat at home, taste even better natural in Jamaica! As well, you’ll meet a colorful vibrant culture and people, that are welcoming and friendly at heart. Culturally in America, we are mostly polite and friendly to the people we know. Jamaican people are the same, but also love to talk and interact with strangers and travelers they may have only met. So don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, you never know what you might learn! However always remember you have your counselors present if you feel uncomfortable.

Airport travel expectations

For some campers, this experience will be their first time flying abroad. While we provide chaperone counselors to and from airport travel, having a general understanding of airport expectations will be helpful. When traveling to Jamaica, you will have to go through customs and border security. Make sure to be truthful, respectful, and responsible in your conduct with these officials. Our counselors will assist you in completing any travel forms (customs/claims). As a camper, knowing essential information like your address, will help to expedite the process to be much smoother. Being a good listener to your counselors directions and important information is crucial. Above all else, holding onto your passport is very important to your personal and the groups safety, you are responsible for the security of your passport for the entire trip. Collectively we are visitors in Jamaica, we need to be respectful and understanding of airport staffs job. They may seem serious and intimidating, but they’re top priority is the safety of everyone.

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